Sport activities

Zip Line

If you are an adrenaline addict, then we have the right thing for you here in Plužine – Zip Line. Also, if you have ever dreamed of a flight through a beautiful nature, with the emerald green water of the largest drinking water reservoir in the Balkans – Piva Lake below you, then Zip Line is a unique opportunity for you.

The adrenaline experience called zip-line, in Plužine starts from the ‘Eko-Piva’ Guesthouse, goes across the widely known Piva Lake where you take a short break for taking photos, and then you reach in front of the bridge on Piva Lake also by a zip line. The zip line is 1,400 meters long, which makes it the longest one in Montenegro.

A feeling of freedom, control and self-confidence is something that can overwhelm you when your body rips the air while you enjoy the natural beauties and the lake below you, drifting towards the well-known bridge on Piva Lake.

This adrenaline attraction is primarily completely safe, and at the same time very popular in the world, attracting a great number of tourists and adventurers.

It is the feeling that can not be described but must be experienced!

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