The European Union continues to support strengthening the capacity of rescue services in the Municipalities of Plužine and Foča

On Wednesday, February 3 2021, the Municipalities of Plužine (Montenegro) and Foča (BiH) organized the fifth coordination meeting for members of its rescue services (civil protection, police, health facilities, fire services and associations, protection services and rescue, GSS) within the project “Tourism, Adrenaline and Rafting Adventure (TARA)” funded by the European Union. The meeting discussed the manner of organization and development of scenarios for joint emergency drills that are planned to be held at 4 tourist locations in two municipalities: Maglić vrh, Pivsko jezero, the canyon of the river Hrčavka and Tara.

Through conversation and active discussion with representatives of the Republic Civil Protection Administration of Republika Srpska and the Directorate for Emergency Management, Ministry of Interior of Montenegro, representatives of rescue services were introduced in more detail to the ways and methods of organizing emergency drills at these locations, in accordance with current regulations in this field.

In the following period, site visits are planned for the organization of joint drills, so that the group of representatives of rescue services prepare a proposal of scenarios, which will be included in the elaborate on the basis of which each segment of emergency drills will be organized. After the preparation of the elaborate, the dates will be specified, as well as the scenarios according to which emergency drills will be held in Plužine and Foča. Representatives of the Civil Protection Administration of the RS as well as the Directorate for Emergency Management of Montenegro expressed satisfaction and interest to fully provide their assistance in order to organize rescue exercises in the best possible and most successful way.

The coordination meeting was held in the premises of the Center for Culture and Information in Foca, while the representative of the Directorate for Emergency Situations of Montenegro followed the meeting via video link.

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