With the support of the European Union the municipalities of Plužine and Foča are working together to improve the safety of tourist locations

Last week, the municipalities of Plužine (Montenegro) and Foča (BiH), as part of the project “Tourism, Adrenaline and Rafting Adventure (TARA)” supported by the European Union, organized the second coordination meeting for representatives of their rescue services (civil protection, police, health care institutions, fire services and associations, protection and rescue services, GSS ) where the management, coordination and planning in the protection and rescue system were discussed.

The importance of security at tourist locations was emphasized at the meeting, as one of the most important aspects of the project. Regretting that the corona virus pandemic has slowed down certain project activities related to safety, it was stated that rescue equipment will be procured within the project which will improve the work of the rescue services. When the epidemiological situation allows, joint rescue drills will be organized, and safety exits in the Tara canyon will be installed. Participants had the opportunity to hear a lecture on the protection and rescue system in Montenegro and management and coordination in protection and rescue. One of the topics of the lecture was planning in the protection and rescue system with a focus on development of protection and rescue plans on national, local and entrepreneurial level, as a basis for the implementation of protection and rescue measures in the preventive, operational and remedial phase. The risks at tourist locations in these municipalities are analyzed, as well as the ways in which rescue services act. Participants shared their experineces in the work in rescue services, and proposals for the topics of the remaining six coordination meetings were given. Participants also received relevant materials (guides, instructions and brochures) on actions in case of earthquakes, floods and fires, both in buildings and outdoors.

The project is implemented by the municipalities of Plužine (CG) and Foča (BiH) in cooperation with the Nature Park “Piva” and the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Foča, and is funded by the European Union within the Cross-border Cooperation Program BiH-Montenegro. The goal of the project is the development and promotion of the cross-border area of ​​these two municipalities as unique tourist destination for active tourism.

The realization of the project began on December 1, 2019 and will last for two years, until the end of November 2021.

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